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New App Helps Track Gestational Diabetes

A new smartphone app, GDm-Health, has been developed by Drayson Technologies to help pregnant women monitor gestational diabetes.  Approved by the National Health Service in the UK, the app lets users track their blood glucose levels and upload the data to a team of clinicians. The app was designed to help women easily track and store information, and has reduced hospital visits by a quarter among the 1,000 women who have tested it. “The system has been evaluated and found to be safe and convenient for women,” said Lucy Mackillop, consultant obstetric physician at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and clinical lead for the development of GDm-Health. She added, “This system also facilitates more effective and efficient team based care with automated alerting and prioritization and electronic capture of data for audit.”

High Expectations Program Delivers Real-World Training for People with Cerebral Palsy

High Expectations is a vocational training program designed to help teens and young adults living with cerebral palsy. It provides programs that focus on self-advocacy and preparing individuals with disabilities for the workplace. Several employers have partnered with High Expectations to place youths with cerebral palsy in internship, volunteer, and part-time positions where they gain first-hand on-the-job skills. The program was the winner of the World Cerebral Palsy Day 2017 Contribution Award, an award given to a project committed to making sure all people with cerebral palsy are able to make their own contributions to the world.

Cerebral Palsy News Today Shares Back-to-School Disability Advocacy Tips

Students living with disabilities sometimes require special accommodations to participate in the same activities as their peers. Cerebral Palsy News Today has compiled a list of tips to help families transition their children into the school year this fall, including knowing your rights, asking for accommodations, and finding support through teachers, friends, or even clubs at school. Therapies for conditions such as cerebral palsy may be available to you as well.

$1.7 Million Grant Awarded to Study Hydrocephalus Treatment

The National Institutes of Health has awarded a $1.7 million grant to researchers from the Loma Linda University School of Medicine to identify better treatments for hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is a condition where excess fluid accumulates on the brain, which may be due to a traumatic delivery, and may cause irreversible brain damage. Current treatment for hydrocephalus includes using shunts to drain fluid away from the brain, but has a high failure rate, according to John Zhang, MD, PhD, principal investigator for the study. Zhang and his team will use this grant to study whether the mechanism that produces cerebrospinal fluid can be manipulated, and thus controlled through medication, aiming to give patients a better quality of life.

CP Channel App Launched on World Cerebral Palsy Day

On October 5, 2017, the Cerebral Palsy Foundation launched a new app to benefit individuals living with cerebral palsy. The CP Channel app contains nearly one hundred video clips of content from disability advocates and experts on cerebral palsy. This digital tool will give families fingertip-access to the latest research and information on the condition to help improve quality of life of their loved ones.

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