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College Student with Cerebral Palsy Set to Earn Degree With Grandfather’s Help

College Student with Cerebral Palsy Set to Earn Degree With Grandfather’s Help

Earning a college degree is a dream for many people. Graduating this spring from Hardin-Simmons University with plans of pursuing a career in writing is a student who has cerebral palsy. He was born prematurely and developed the neurological condition. He first learned to walk using a walker and transitioned into a wheelchair. His love of storytelling and superheroes spurred his interest in becoming a writer.

During high school and into adulthood, his grandfather, a retired school teacher, stood by his side and helped care for his grandson. When the student started college, his grandfather pushed him from class to class and took notes for him. Their bond has grown strong over the years, and the duo looks forward to even more time together: the soon-to-be-graduate is considering pursuing his Master’s degree.

What is Cerebral Palsy?

The neurological condition called cerebral palsy impairs the body’s ability to control movement and posture. It can also affect balance, coordination, and cognition. Cerebral palsy is often caused when blood flow or oxygen supply to a baby’s brain is restricted during labor or delivery. Traumatic delivery, premature delivery, improper use of forceps or vacuum, or other events may increase the likelihood of cerebral palsy. A permanent but non-progressive condition, people with cerebral palsy can manage their symptoms with therapies and treatments.

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