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G&E Women’s Health Attorneys Investigate North Carolina Woman’s Cancer Misdiagnosis at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist

G&E Women’s Health Attorneys Investigate North Carolina Woman’s Cancer Misdiagnosis at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist

A young woman from North Carolina underwent radical, irreversible HER2 positive cancer treatment, only to find out she had been misdiagnosed and did not have HER2 positive. She turned to the medical negligence attorneys at Grant & Eisenhofer for help, who are investigating the culture at Atrium Health and potentially many other women whom have gone through a similar journey.

Grant & Eisenhofer’s women’s health and medical negligence team is representing a woman in her early 30s whom recently endured a horrific health journey. Diagnosed with HER2 Positive breast cancer by the medical professionals at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist hospital, the woman, whose identity remains anonymous for privacy reasons, went through intense, invasive treatment—including a mastectomy and hysterectomy. As if her experience was not traumatic enough for her and her family, it gets worse: she came to find out that she was misdiagnosed, and did not have HER2 positive after all. The radical, unnecessary treatment our client received rippled a host of side-effects, including robbing her of her ability to ever conceive a child. Had she been properly diagnosed, she may have needed a much less invasive treatment.

What is more, there may potentially be thousands of other women who have gone through similar journeys, as the apparent culture of accepting medical errors at Atrium Health gets called into question. Attorney Lisa Weinstein, who heads the firm’s national women’s health practice and also represents women and children injured at birth, notes that Atrium Health has had a pattern of this type of “faulty pathology.” In 2018, as many as two dozen patients were found to have been given inaccurate lab tests - with two of those patients undergoing cancer surgery and radiation who were later determined to have been cancer-free prior to treatment.

Along with Ms. Weinstein, G&E attorneys Elizabeth Bailey and Elizabeth Graham are also members of the firm’s women’s health and medical negligence team investigating this matter. G&E advocates for women impacted by faulty medical devices or products involving reproductive issues, and has represented thousands of women in litigation regarding the Essure contraceptive device, power morcellators, and talcum powder. We are currently representing families impacted by CooperSurgical’s defective embryo culture media, which has destroyed many hopeful couples’ embryos.

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