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Child Birth Injury Resources

Resources and Information for Parents of Children With Birth Injuries

An injury suffered at birth may result in lifelong financial, emotional, and mental challenges for a child and his or her family. Caregivers often turn to financial resources, support organizations, and other organizations that may aid them in raising their child. Below we outline child birth injury resources available nationwide.
Disclaimer: Grant & Eisenhofer P.A. did not write the descriptions of the resources listed on this page. These descriptions were sourced from the resources’ websites. Grant & Eisenhofer P.A. has no affiliation with these listed resources and inclusion on this list is in no way an endorsement from Grant & Eisenhofer P.A.

Financial Resources and Information

When it comes to accessing financial resources, parents have several options. Parents can access financial support through government programs or assistance from nonprofit organizations, for example. Some parents may be able to seek compensation by filing a birth injury lawsuit.

Birth Injury Lawsuits

If your child suffered a birth injury and you believe medical negligence occurred, speak to a lawyer about your legal options right away. You may have the option to file a birth injury claim to seek economic and/or non-economic damages while holding negligent providers accountable.
  • Economic Damages. Economic Damages include tangible damages such as hospital bills, loss of earning capacity, home modifications, and in-home medical care. Economic damages account for your quantifiable expenses.
  • Non-economic Damages. Non-economic damages, also known as “pain and suffering damages” include damages that relate to pain and suffering caused by the birth injury. Several states place caps on non-economic damages.
If you intend to seek filing a birth injury lawsuit, it is important to speak with an attorney about your legal options before you pass your state’s statute of limitations. Statutes of limitations vary by state for personal injury lawsuits, including medical malpractice. This means that you have a limited amount of time to prepare and file a claim. Once you exceed the statute of limitations, you may lose your ability to file a claim and seek potential compensation against the entities responsible for your damages.
Our birth injury attorneys have a proven history of advocating nationwide for parents of children with birth injuries. If you have questions or would like to discuss your potential case, please get in touch with our team. An attorney with our firm can help you determine your legal options during a free consultation.

Government Assistance

  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Federal nondiscrimination laws provide individuals with disabilities with housing protection.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for Children – SSI provides monthly cash payments to help meet the basic needs of children who have a physical or mental disability or who are blind.
  • Medicare. Medicare is an insurance program. It serves people over 65 primarily, whatever their income; and serves younger disabled people and dialysis patients.
  • Medicaid. Medicaid is an assistance program. It serves low-income people of every age. Patients usually pay no part of costs for covered medical expenses.
  • The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, popularly known as WIC, is a nutrition program for pregnant, breastfeeding women and families with children younger than 5.
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). SNAP provides nutrition benefits to supplement the food budget of needy families so they can purchase healthy food and move towards self-sufficiency.
As financial support programs vary from state to state, you may want to speak with a case manager at your county social service office to learn more about the financial programs that may be available to you.

Non-profit Organizations

  • Disabled Children Relief Fund. The Disabled Children’s Relief Fund is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to acting as an advocate for the rights and needs of children with disabilities.
  • Easterseals. Easterseals provides essential services and on-the-ground supports to more than 1.5 million people each year — from early childhood programs for the critical first five years, to autism services, to medical rehabilitation and employment programs, to veterans’ services, and more.

State Early Intervention Programs

Early Intervention programs offer various coordinated services for special needs children from birth to three years of age. Programs go by different names state by state. For example, in Georgia the program is called Babies Can’t Wait while in North Carolina it is called North Carolina Early Intervention Section (NCEI).

Online Support

  • PACER Center. Through more than 30 projects, PACER provides individual assistance, workshops, publications, and other resources to help families make decisions about education and other services for their child or young adult with disabilities.
  • The Arc Alliance. The Arc Alliance provides various support groups and programs for individuals, parents, guardians, siblings and caregivers.

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