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Baby Kiki’s Birth Injury Story

Baby Kiki’s Birth Injury Story

The following reviews from our clients do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of another legal matter. The cases mentioned in the reviews are illustrative of some of the matters previously handled by Grant & Eisenhofer involving various areas of birth injury law. These reviews are endorsements. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Kiki’s Story:

“I carried Kiki to term, and pregnancy was great, it was a normal pregnancy. The labor process started out fine. But sometime during labor, she suffered a hypoxic event where she went a pretty long time without oxygen, which resulted in her traumatic brain injury and several other health issues that follow…she is 100% dependent on us. We do everything for her to take care of her so that she can get the best out of this life as possible.
They started to get Kiki out, and sometime during that process, the doctor was unable to…I saw Kiki for the first time via video while in the hospital. When I saw her, I started to cry because it didn’t look like everything was going to be ok.”
Kerssel Tyson (Kiki’s Mom)
“I narrowed down my search to two law firms, and Grant & Eisenhofer was one of them. I started researching Lisa, and I saw all the great things that she has done…the response that I got from Grant & Eisenhofer felt a lot more personal—it felt like they actually cared with regards to what our family is going through.”
Ohssel Tyson (Kiki’s Dad)

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