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New Research: Hand Therapy May Help Children with Cerebral Palsy Learn Life Skills

New Research: Hand Therapy May Help Children with Cerebral Palsy Learn Life Skills

Researchers from Burke Neurological Institute in New York, joined by researchers at Teachers College-Columbia University and Weill Cornell Medicine, are developing cutting-edge treatment for children with cerebral palsy. The researchers are examining the organization of a child’s brain to see how that impacts rigorous hand therapy. Cerebral palsy is a result of damage to a child’s brain which affects his or her ability to control muscle movements and posture. This study may help determine the best course of therapy for different patients.

The study analyzed data from 82 children with cerebral palsy who completed 90 hours of “hand therapy camp.” The children engaged in one of two different types of therapy to teach them new skills. After three weeks of therapy, the researchers discovered that the children showed significant improvements in hand and arm function. The researchers believe that these improvements may help the children learn new, long term life skills.

“We were pleased to finally acquire hard data showing that intensive hand therapies improve a child’s ability to move, play, learn, and progress, no matter which type of brain connectivity pattern they had,” notes Dr. Kathleen Friel of Weill Cornell Medical College, who has cerebral palsy herself.

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