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New Sport Empowers Athletes with Cerebral Palsy

New Sport Empowers Athletes with Cerebral Palsy

For children with cerebral palsy, it may be difficult to participate in certain sports. The condition may result from an injury to a baby’s brain prior to birth or shortly after delivery, and impacts movement and posture. A new unique sport, however, offers many children with cerebral palsy the freedom to run independently. The sport, called RaceRunning, or Frame Running, uses a wheeled bike frame, much like a tricycle. Athletes support their weight on the handle bars while propelling themselves forward with their feet - much like running.

Researchers from the University of South Australia plan to conduct a study to assess the impacts of the new sport on children with cerebral palsy, monitoring their mental, physical, and social health. Researchers Kade Davison and Lauren McDougall say that the sport will give kids the chance to experience the “rush” of being able to run, which many children with cerebral palsy have never experienced. The research team also notes that RaceRunning athletes will be able to play and socialize with others in the same situation.

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