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New Studies Cover Therapies and Activities for Children with Cerebral Palsy

New Studies Cover Therapies and Activities for Children with Cerebral Palsy

For children diagnosed with cerebral palsy after a birth injury, treatments and therapies are often key to managing symptoms. With early intervention, therapy may help assist children with improving motor skills, strength, and balance as their bodies grow.

Several types of therapies exist to achieve these goals. Hippotherapy, a type of physical therapy where the patient rides horses, has helped many patients with cerebral palsy. A new study has found that mechanical horse-riding simulation therapy benefits children with the condition. The simulators mimic the motion of riding a horse, which is helpful when horses are not accessible. Researchers analyzed data from 12 studies, and found that “that horse-riding simulator therapy is effective in improving overall gross motor function and sitting ability, functional balance and hip abduction range of motion in children with cerebral palsy.”

In a different study, hamstring lengthening was shown to potentially enhance the gait (walking pattern) in children with cerebral palsy. Results were studied from 44 children who underwent hamstring lengthening procedures. Researchers evaluated patients’ pelvic tilt pre- and post-surgery and concluded that hamstring lengthening helped patients who had a “crouch gait” due to cerebral palsy.

Another recent study investigated how children with cerebral palsy participate in activities. The activities studied included learning tasks, communication, mobility, and social interactions. Researchers noted that despite barriers such as new and unknown settings, negative attitudes and a child’s frustrations, children with cerebral palsy were able to participate in a variety of activities.

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