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Postpartum Hemorrhage Device Effective in Controlling Bleeding After Birth, Study Says

Postpartum Hemorrhage Device Effective in Controlling Bleeding After Birth, Study Says

According to a new study analyzing what is known as the Jada System, researchers found that the System is safe and effective at controlling postpartum hemorrhage.

One of the top causes of maternal morbidity and maternal death, postpartum hemorrhage is also largely avoidable. A USA Today investigation found that 90% of maternal deaths due to hemorrhaging could have been prevented.

The Jada System seeks to appease that statistic. The treatment is described as an intrauterine vacuum-induced hemorrhage control device. In other words, the device uses a vacuum to contract the uterus, providing the ability to control and treat abnormal postpartum uterine bleeding or hemorrhage. According to the results from the study, the treatment’s success rate was 92.5% for vaginal births and 83.7% for cesarean births. Data also showed that bleeding was controlled within five minutes of device use in 73.8% of vaginal births and 62.2% for cesarean births.

Lead study author Dena Goffman, MD, said, “As clinicians, we need to have more options to treat this potentially life-threatening condition, and this device gives us another tool to add to our toolbox to optimize postpartum hemorrhage management.”

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