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September is Baby Safety Month

September is Baby Safety Month

With National #BabySafetyMonth in full swing during the month of September, parents and caregivers may be checking that their car seats are installed correctly, or that their homes are properly baby-proofed. But for some parents, the joy of bringing home a healthy baby is not a guarantee. When medical malpractice occurs during labor or delivery, the health and safety of your baby may be at risk.

Birth injuries happen for a multitude of reasons, but when medical errors or mistakes are made during the labor and delivery process, you may able to hold the health care professionals responsible for your baby’s injuries. These are some examples of preventable birth injuries:

To keep you and your baby safe, it is important to be an advocate for yourself. Ask questions about the labor and delivery process, and speak up if you feel uncomfortable or are unsure about something the healthcare professional is doing (or not doing).

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An experienced birth injury attorney can also be an advocate for you if you believe your baby’s injury was due to medical malpractice. If you or your child has suffered an injury from the birth process, consider speaking to our compassionate attorneys.

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