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Toddler to Receive Stem Cell Therapy From Brother’s Cord Blood

Toddler to Receive Stem Cell Therapy From Brother’s Cord Blood

After being diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age two, a toddler in the UK may soon be able to walk. The girl was deprived of oxygen at birth, and suffered a seizure shortly thereafter. As a result, she is nonverbal and her mobility is limited. Cerebral palsy has no cure, but certain therapies can help manage symptoms—and for this little fighter, a promising treatment is on the horizon.

This August, the young patient plans to travel to North Carolina to receive a treatment at Duke University that uses her brother’s cord blood stem cells. The body’s stem cells have been used to treat certain cancers, injuries, and genetic conditions. Studies suggest that stem cells from an infant’s umbilical cord may be safely transferred to a sibling who has cerebral palsy, potentially helping the body repair and regenerate damaged brain cells. The siblings’ genetic makeup is at least a 50% match, which is required for this stem cell treatment.

While the toddler cannot currently sit or crawl on her own, the family hopes that this treatment will enable her to walk and even talk. “Hopefully, the treatment will give her a fresh lease of life, even just little things like being able to play with other kids and [her brother],” the child’s mother said.

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