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Why Are So Many Black Missouri Women Dying After Childbirth?

Why Are So Many Black Missouri Women Dying After Childbirth?

For many years, maternal death has been a devastatingly prevalent problem in the U.S. Studies also show that maternal mortality rates in the southern parts of the country are grave, including in Georgia.

In a new report published by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services finds that compared to white women in Missouri, Black Missouri women were three times more likely to die within a year of pregnancy. The multi-year report also indicates that Missouri women using Medicaid are as much as eight times more likely to die within a year of their pregnancies compared to other Missouri women using private health insurance. Shockingly, about 75% of the deaths were found to be preventable—a heartbreaking conclusion for so many new or growing families. The statistics were compiled from the state’s Pregnancy-Associated Mortality Review board (PAMR board), looking at maternal deaths that occurred between 2017 and 2019.

The report also delves into the reasons behind these harrowing statistics and what can be done to prevent or reverse needless maternal death. Mental health conditions were cited as a primary cause of death. To rectify this, the PAMR board suggests Medicaid coverage for pregnant Missouri women to be extended past the initial six-week period to one full year. The report also showed that cardiovascular disease was another common reason for maternal death.

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