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Zero-G Rehab Program Helps Children with Cerebral Palsy Learn to Walk

Zero-G Rehab Program Helps Children with Cerebral Palsy Learn to Walk

A new rehabilitation program has launched to help children with disabilities, such as cerebral palsy. The Zero-G Gait and Balance Training System is described as a robotic gait trainer. The trainer is a weight support system based on percentage—so a certain amount of a patients’ weight is supported by the robot. Patients strap into a harness which holds them up while a robot monitors and assists the child’s movement.

“We’re seeing children that are able to walk holding their parents’ hands and previously that wasn’t something they could do,” said Valerie Pieraccini, Director of Therapy and Early Learning at United Cerebral Palsy of Central Arizona. The therapy program offers patients a safe opportunity to learn how to walk.

Pieraccini notes that cerebral palsy is the most common motor disorder amongst children. It may be caused by injury to the brain either in utero or during the birthing process.

It may not be apparent at birth if your child has suffered a brain injury. Children with cerebral palsy may not receive a diagnosis for months to years following the brain injury. This is because the signs and symptoms of the condition may not be noticeable right away. For instance, a child with cerebral palsy may fail to reach milestones such as rolling over, sitting, crawling, or walking. The child may drag their feet, walk on tip-toes, or present other developmental delays.

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