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How do I determine if my child has suffered a birth injury?

How do I determine if my child has suffered a birth injury?

Video Transcription:

In order to determine if your baby’s injury was a result of malpractice and establish a viable claim, you will want to contact an experienced birth injury lawyer. Medically negligent doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff members may cause a child to suffer a birth injury. You may be able to hold a health care provider accountable for your child’s birth injury. To establish liability in your case, you must show that:
  1. The healthcare provider had a legal obligation, or a duty, to treat you and your child;
  2. The care provided fell below the standard of care [what a reasonable healthcare provider would do in the same or similar situation];
  3. The level of care you received caused injury; and
  4. As a result, you and/or your child have incurred or will incur medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost the enjoyment of a normal life, and lost future earnings opportunities as a result of the medical malpractice.

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